The meeting of historic and modern architecture so typical for the MuseumsQuartier is especially pronounced in Arena21. Situated in the imperial Fischer von Erlach Wing, Arena21 is a modern, stylishly designed event space in a baroque atmosphere. With 275 square meters of floor space, it is ideally suited for events with up to 350 people. Arena21 is a visually appealing space with a light sandstone floor and a color coordinated, acoustically optimized ceiling.

Excellent acoustics and the latest technical equipment make Arena21 particularly interesting for events with a multimedia focus. Arena21 can be combined with the adjacent Ovalhalle to form an event location with more than 700 square meters of floor space to accommodate up to 700 people.

The connecting room to the Ovalhalle can also be used as a representative reception area with a cloakroom. A separate catering kitchen is also available. Arena21 is the perfect setting for all types of events, from lectures and press conferences to exhibitions, theater productions, and cocktail receptions.

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