Congresses and Conventions at MQ

Culture and space – with 90,000 m2 and around 60 cultural institutions, the MuseumsQuartier Wien is not only one of the largest art and cultural complexes in the world but, with its courtyards, cafés and shops, it is also an oasis of calm and respite in the center of the city.

At the same time, the MQ also offers a wide range of options for hosting conferences and events for up to 5,400 people, be it large-scale celebrations in the Halle E+G or small meetings in the Baroque Suites, indoors or outdoors – take advantage of our unique, cultural ambience for your event.

And with our new ‘Conferences &  Events at the MQ’ program, we now have everything you need in one place – we can help you select a venue from among the many MQ locations, book the rooms for you, put together a suitable program of side events within the cultural setting, make sure your needs are met and personally manage your event at the MQ – everything in one place with just one contact person to deal with.

Located in the center of Vienna and close to its historic sights, the MuseumsQuartier boasts excellent transport links and a public car park right in front of the main entrance.

Our event team is on hand to discuss, plan and manage your Event.



1 Arena21
2 Ovalhalle
3 Mezzanine
4 Baroque Suites
5 MQ Courtyards
6 ZOOM Kindermuseum
7 Tanzquartier Wien Studios

9 Leopold Museum
10 Halle E+G
11 Kunsthalle Wien
12 museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig (mumok)
13 Hofstallung
14 Architekturzentrum Wien


Az W
Old Hall
14300 m²200400300180
Hall F314100 m²35707050
Podium14200 m²10025020080
Foyer & Café
8200 m²-150150-
Großer Saal8202 m²-150150-
Kleiner Saal8131 m²-9090-
Probebühne8378 m²----
Studio 1878 m²----
Studio 2872 m²----
Halle E+G
Halle E
10850 m²5507001150-
Halle G10279 m²150200336-
Kunsthalle Wien
11145 m²-1008060
Ziegelfoyer1180 m²-10080-
Leopold Museum
974 m²--5020
Atrium9248 m²15025022090
Auditorium9109 m²--120-
Lounge9110 m²-70--
Museum 3 / Ebene -29342 m²180200230120
Museum 4 / Ebene -29224 m²-15015080
Unteres Atrium / Ebene -29249 m²15025022090
1275 m²170350250150
Baroque Suite A4104,25 m²10010010048
Baroque Suite B439,75 m²30303018
Baroque Suite C443,4 m²30403020
Foyer476,5 m²----
Mezzanine330,75 m²30202016
Ovalhalle2297,9 m²15036019080
Arena21 + Ovalhalle + Foyer1,2721,6 m²-710--
Royal Stables
13357,2 m²320540350170
Kino12350 m²--110-
Lounge12130 m²10015010050
Tanzquartier Wien
Studio 1
7172 m²-100-50
Studio 27147 m²501006060
Studio 37147 m²50100--
ZOOM Kindermuseum
6119 m²--80-
Foyer6150 m²----
Outdoor Veranstaltungsfläche516.000 m²----